A. Awareness courses of the most common diseases in Latinos: Diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

B. Disease prevention: nutrition and exercise.

C. Exterior beauty: cosmetology, makeup.

D. ALANON Group in Spanish: 12 steps to face all types of addiction: alcohol, drugs, games, TV, food, work, etc.

​​​​​​​E. Domestic violence support groups for women and depressive patients​​​​​​​.

Directory of Institutions: Family Welfare (health, jobs, housing)

  • ESL courses (Levels: Beginning, Intermediate & Advance) 
  • Citizenship Course

Professional Skills, Entrepreneurship, Civic Participation Institute

A. Human Development Training.     

  • Theory of Multiple Intelligences Theory & Learning Process
  • Emotional Intelligence, Strong Self-esteem & Bullying
  • Effective Communication & Problem Resolution
  • Business & Community Leadership
  • College Guide for Immigrant Parents
  • Active Parenting Now. (Parents with 0 to 12 years old children)  (Parents with Teens)
  • Spiritual & Life Coaching.
  • Art, Storytelling and Therapy
B. International Summer Institute in Spanish at UMASS – Boston: August 16th  & 17th

C. “Entre Marias” TV Show: Storytelling, and Latino Culture.

D. Multicultural Festival – Hispanic Heritage Month (October)

Women’s Leadership Institute


We offer support, advice and training to Latina Women and their families through the following three Institutes:​​​​​​​


Support Groups:


Domestic violence, depression, addictions, mental health, Alanon